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I was born and raised in Elk Rapids, Michigan. Working in the marine industry has been my passion for many years. I’ve been yachting since I was little. My family and I would spend the Summer months traveling from port to port. Along with being blessed to travel with my family came chores. Mine happened to be washing and detailing the boat. Jokes on my parents it didn’t really feel like a chore. I got to be outside enjoying the beautiful weather, and it was almost like therapy kind of like running, or yoga. Not to mention the amount of unique individuals and connections I made just from getting to know our dock mates. Plus “ you missed a spot” or “you can head to my slip when you’re done there” tends to be how yachties like to start conversation. After about the seventh time which studies say is about the number people tend to take action after hearing something so many times, I was going to take action. Growing up in a family full of entrepreneurs I saw opportunity. So I started my own little boat cleaning business “ T OF THE SEAS!” Cheesy I know! Business was BOOMING! Everywhere we would travel people would want their boat cleaned. I mean a lot of boaters are on vacation when they’re boating, and the last thing they want to do is clean the boat. That’s what I was for, and I made sure everyone knew it! I was so successful I saved up for school and didn’t need any loans to pay for it. I attended Chapman School of Seamanship in Stuart Florida, and that changed the game! With going off to school my clientele was so sad but happy for me at the same time. I thought to myself why are they so bummed there are plenty of detailing companies out there. But there are not plenty of PLATINUM detailing companies. After coming back from Florida with more knowledge than I had before I said it was time to take T OF THE SEAS to the next level. What better way to do that than with the man who trained me from the beginning, my POPS. That is where PLATINUM came from. We wanted to take it to the next level. PLATINUM is your top-notch Yacht Services. Check out all what we offer under our Request Services tab on the home page! We provide customers with QUALITY service that is dependable and professional.




I am the husband of Ronnie Blackmore and father of Taylor, Tia, and Tanner Blackmore. I am the Owner of Blackmore Property Maintenance for over 25+ years. I grew up in Flushing, Michigan but Traverse City is where my family vacationed growing up. I eventually moved with my wife and started our family here in Elk Rapids, Michigan. I chartered out of the Acme Marina for many of years and turned yachting into a hobby that my family came to Love. We have travled all over the Great Lakes and found the same need everywhere. A quality Yacht Service company. That is where my daughter Tia and I came up with PLATINUM YACHT SERVICES. Well traveling I taught my kids the proper way to take care of our boat. Tia washed boats for many years through High School so she could pay for her schooling at Chapman School of Seamanship in Stuart Florida. When she got back from school we brainstormed and came up with “PLATINUM YACHT SERVICES.” Not just a detailing company but a company that can offer any kind of yacht service. If we don’t personally offer a service we know who does! We offer service that is dependable, QUALITY, and professional.

Captain Services

  • Vessel Delivery/ Day Runs
  • Concierge Services

Yacht Detailing

  • Weekly Washes
  • Buff/ Polish/ Wax
  • Interior/Exterior Detailing
  • Vessel Management
  • Maintenance/ Repair

Captain Services, Yacht Detailing

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